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21st century hiring technology

Think differently about hiring.

Cnect is bringing the hiring process into the future.

Cnect is a next generation hiring management platform designed to move beyond the resume and connects employers to candidates with the best matched qualifications, skill sets and behaviors for a job faster than ever before. With our Digital Discovery Process, users regain control of wasted time, money, and resources spent on the entire hiring process.

Next generation hiring technology
Moving hiring from days, weeks, and months to hours, minutes, and seconds with a First Impression Video.

Why do employers love us?

  • We are simplifying and expediting the hiring process and fit in seamlessly with how we live and communicate today.
  • We are creating efficiencies through our Digital Discovery Process by utilizing user-generated video content, advanced matching and sorting technology
  • We are providing unprecedented access to the “passive” candidate pool because of the privacy of the platform.

Employers love cnect