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Passively search for your dream job with cnect

Your dream job is waiting.

Stand out from the crowd and engage in our Digital Discovery Process with employers to save time and get to yes faster!

With cnect, never write a resume again.

Show off what you’ve got.

Resumes are a thing of the past. Use cnect’s cutting-edge profiles and applications to showcase your skills, certifications, personal work, and more.

Take control of the job search.

Passively search and apply.

Private profiles mean employers cannot search for them, giving candidates the freedom to search and apply for their dream jobs, even while still employed.

Create a first impression that gets an employers attention
Create a lasting impression.

You have the freedom to introduce yourself to employers in an engaging and memorable way with our First Impression Video technology. You can even add multiple versions to your profile to use for different job applications. Regain control of your time without wasting countless hours searching, scheduling, and interviewing.

Stop endlessly search for a job. Take back your time and find your dream career.

Take back your time.

Cnect’s Digital Discovery Process gives you the flexibility of communication on your own terms and your own time, fitting seamlessly into the way we live and work today. Interact when the timing works best for you and eliminate the stress of communicating, scheduling and interviewing within the confines of 9-5.

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