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cnect for Employers

We’ve modernized the hiring process to meet the needs of today’s world.

Cnect is an advanced hiring management platform for employers to move through the hiring process at the speed of business. The days of sifting through stacks of resumes and endless hours of communication are over.

A 360-degree view of the best candidates in a fraction of the time.

Cnect’s Digital Discovery Process eliminates the tedious task of manually searching, scheduling and interviewing. Advanced matching algorithm and sorting tools, video-based communication and skills and behavioral analysis modernize the outdated hiring process and seamlessly integrate into the way we work and live today.

cnects advanced digital discovery process
Eliminate manually searching
Look beyond the resume

Find the skills you want.

Our Job Builder tool assists with creating a full job description in the most efficient manner. Cnect can match candidates with the skills that are needed for the job.

Find the skill you're looking for
cnect introduces CORE

Welcome to CORE.

Cnect matches candidates with skills and behaviors that will be most effective for the position available through the CORE survey, presenting quality candidates with less time and effort.

Advanced filtering.

When an employer creates a new job listing on cnect, specific criteria is set for the candidate they are looking for. Cnect’s enhanced matching algorithms then surface and rank the pool of candidate profiles to find the most qualified applicants. Advanced filtering and sorting then allows employers to quickly find the best candidates to review.

Our advanced filtering will change the way you find the right candidate
Digital first impressions go beyond the resume

Review the First Impression.

When a candidate applies for a open job post, they will introduce themselves with a 60 second or less First Impression Video. Can you imagine the possibilities if you could see every potential candidate before ever scheduling an interview or meeting face-to-face? Cnect allows employers to gauge the initial chemistry with a candidate in a fraction of the time, getting to the right candidate faster than ever.

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